Monday, June 30, 2014

Spring Awakening, the elements!

Looks like I forgot to come post the preview with the elements! Here it is. This week's assignment is an alpha. Can't wait until the class is finished and I have a HUGE kit to give you all for free over in the SNP Gallery. Make sure you check out the gallery for the advance team mini's from last week's assginment. They are only available until the next week's kit is posted, so one week at a time.  You can find them and their links in this POST HERE on my freebie finder blog!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Paper Pack for SNP Designer Mentor Class!

Just wanted to share with you my paper pack preview for the SNP Designer Mentor Class. It isn't available for free download until the entire kit is complete and the class is over in July but here's a preview to get you excited, well it makes me excited anyway!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

DigiHop June Blog Hop Freebie!

***Looking for the SNP Blog Train Freebie? Scroll down and you will find it!***

Here is your DigiHop June blog hop freebie, Hampton Beach House. I created a full alpha for of upper, lower, & punctuation in both sheets and pngs. Just click the preview to download from google docs.

To find the other participants click HERE.

SNP June Blog Train Freebie - Summer of Fun!

Here is my blog train freebie for the SNP June blog train. I am currently taking the designer mentor class at SNP. As part of the class we had to create two of our own textures. One of them is now my favorite texture and you get it on this paper pack! And in about 5 weeks you can also get the full kit I am making for free in the SNP gallery. I am in the intermediate class but if you want some free mini kits check out the SNP gallery because the advanced class has posted their first week mini's there for download until next Thursday or Friday!

Now here is your paper pack freebie, click on the preview to download from google docs:

I am the last stop on the train but here are the rest of the stops in case you missed any:

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Boomer's Girl Designs has some new kits out!

How cute is this, now if only my son was old enough to like these movies. I'm sure it will come eventually as we are fans of the movies! He's still into Dora, Diego, and Jack and the Neverland Pirates which is just fine seeing he is only two years old! 

And don't forget to grab your freebie on her facebook page!
Click on the preview to head there and grab it.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Pixel Scrapper June Blog Train Freebie, Oh baby, baby!

Originally I was only going to give you a paper pack because of my busy month. But I ended up with some time today and sat down to make you a FEW elements, like 4 or 5. But as you can see I got carried away. So despite staying up way to late to get it finished, packaged, and uploaded, I had fun making it for you! Leave a comment or reaction below, I love reading/seeing them!

Head back to Pixel Scrapper HERE to view the rest of the designers freebies.

ScrappyBee's Blog Train Freebie for the June Beehive Express!

NOTE: I left two papers off the preview. I was looking at it and thinking how do I have that dark paper on the bottom but a much lighter one on top? So I checked the file, yep there are 12 papers.  It was really late when I did the preview. No worries they are all in the download though!

Have you all checked out the new store ScrappyBee? I was over there during iNSD and they had some great challenges and promotions going on. I won an entire store and a free kit from one of the designers. That kit and browsing the store later convinced me to apply for her CT call and as you know I made it and have been posting about our oh so cute kits, BoomersGirl designs. Well they are now doing a monthly blog train, open to all who would like to participate. And of course I jumped on board! It was a crazy month so I just got it in in the nick of time and as a result I am the end of the line for the Beehive Express. 

Here is your paper pack. I have some solids and some textured paper that I thought went well with the beachy theme. These along with the other gorgeous freebies should make you a nice beachy kit for the coming summer months. 

Enjoy and below is the list for the other stops in case you missed any.

Click on the preview or HERE for your download.

The rest of the stops in case you missed any: