Saturday, June 20, 2015

Super Saturday Sale!

There is a one day sale every month at SNP called Super Saturday sale. Everything is just $1, $2, or $3! I have Just Like Mom and Flying High is the sale this month. Individual papers, elements, and alpha for Flying High (May's BNP) are all just $1. Kits for both are just $2 and bundles for Just Like Mom are $3. Or you can get the big bundle and get both add-ons for $4 but it won't be in the sale category just in my regular store. 

Check it out here! Click the image to take you to the store:

We spent the morning in the hot sun at a swim meet for my oldest daughter. I don't know about you but summer was pretty mild for us until last week and now we are hitting high 90's this week and low 100's next week! It came in with a bang that's for sure!

I will have a freebie for you next week as well. This has been a crazy week but I do have a cute new nephew now! He came by c-section, my sister is in a lot of pain, and her hubby had to go back to work the day she came home from the hospital, gotta pay those bills. So my family is taking shifts staying with her and helping her while she recovers or you would have had a freebie this week already. But I promise two next week! Watch for a couple new releases in the next couple weeks as well. I'm working away at them as time permits. This first month of summer vacations has been insanely crazy and busy but I' m hoping July will be a little more laid back.

See you all next week!

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